Outfit of the Day #6 Less than £80 Fit


New Balance 574, H&M Slim Jeans, H&M T-Shirt

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Outfit of the Day #5 White All Day Er’ryday


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Catchphrase of the week #1

Yeah but what that mouth do tho?

Can be used as a general retort for any response you do not have a proper response to.


1: Hey how was your day today?

2: OMG it was the worse day ever! The manager is such an asshole!

1: Yeah but what that mouth do tho?

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Benefits Street

Benefits_StreetFor those of you who watch Benefit Streets, you’ll know just how much controversy it has caused since it was aired on screen a few months ago. I personally am offended by this as someone who lives only about 20 minutes from the James Turner street – where the documentary takes place – since I believe it is a complete misrepresentation of the people from my city and since WordPress is a place where anyone can express their opinion, I just wanted to write about how disappointed I am at Channel 4 for portraying my people like this.

James Turner Street

One particular character I am disgusted by is the Shoplifter Danny, who is seen committing crimes, such as benefit fraud, cannabis cultivation and shoplifting, with the show including a demonstration of how to steal designer clothes and remove the security tags without a care for the city nor its people (along with other characters). To be honest, if it was just the one person, I’d be fine with it and play it off as a being a representation for the individual, but unfortunately this is not the case; I believe that Channel 4 has framed the whole documentary so that Danny is purely a product of Birmingham, and therefore connote that this is something common with the people of Birmingham. For instance, I’ve heard on many occasions throughout the show that the problem is external and not their fault.

Now, I’m not gonna lie and say that area is like Disneyland, because its not. It is a shithole; there’s crime and drugs flowing through the streets everyday like blood through the body; the council estate houses stretch further then Mr. Fantastic; and the area itself is a dirty ghetto like you see in movies. However, does it mean that the area is entirely to blame? Hell no. I was born and raised in that area and to be honest I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Yes, it’s a ghetto and most likely more bad people in the area then in some of the nicer ones, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any good people. For instance, I can assure you that if you were ever in the area and you needed help, providing you ask, people will always help out wherever they can regardless of who you are and this is something I don’t think the show has demonstrated enough. Not gonna lie though, there are glimpses of this sense of community from time to time as evident with White Dee, the mother-figure to the people of James Turner Street, who is depicted as constantly helping those who need help such as this one character (sorry, his name escapes me) who could not read or write and needed help with his bills.

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My Weightloss story

Hey guys. I know I’ve only wrote about fashion up until this point, however I would like to take this opportunity to talk about something else – fitness. I haven’t really talked about it much, but one of my greatest accomplishments is my recent weight loss, going from being 80kg to 60kg – about a quarter of my weight. Now, before I show you my progress pictures, I do have mention that they involve me being shirtless; so ladies, please try not get too excited!

1010172_10151446107186286_2109639818_n  944524_10151476907006286_2026577156_n


These pictures were taken during the last days of my first year in university and my trip to London to visit a friend, where I was at my heaviest (roughly 80kg). I knew I was gaining weight since my diet at this point wasn’t exactly great (oven food and chippies 24/7), but when I saw the first picture of myself (white tee), I literally thought to myself; ‘holy shit I look fucking huge in that picture’. However, it was the second picture that made me rethink my lifestyle; I made that ‘fat’ face as it’s a inside joke between me and my friends, however that picture after the previous one made me realise that there isn’t really that much difference between the two – I was starting to develop multiple chins and my body is starting to look like a someone put it on photoshop and stretched my body out. I was getting fat to the point where my normal face is slowly replicating purposely made ‘fat’ face. It was then where I decided to do something about it.

I’m not gonna lie, it was hard work and it still is, but after a while I started to enjoy the soreness and of course enjoyed seeing the difference in the way I look or as Bart Kwan says ‘love the grind’. The following pictures are me at around the low ends of 70kg:

IMG_2924 IMG_3443

I know the two aren’t exactly the best two picture to compare since you can’t see my body in the 80kg pics; however I personally can see a massive difference between the two. my body looks much more slimmer in general and not only I have I lost that potbelly, I’m also starting to develop a six-pack which was pretty nice.


The lighting is inconsistent throughout the pictures, but you can see a difference between this picture and the ones when I was at 70kg. At this point, I’m in the low 60s; which has led to a more defined chest and a slightly better looking six-pack.

The idea of this post is primarily for me to personally reflect on my fitness journey and to give you guys a overall view of my weight loss. Of course, I understand I have a long way to go before I obtain the body that I want, however I do believe that I am certainty on the right track and with enough hard work and focus, I will eventually make it. Please look out for next fitness post which will look into my motivation and how I stayed focused through my journey. The final picture here is me today, there isnt a massive difference in thw two, however my chest is much more bigger and defined. However, I am currently between 60/65kg, which is the same as I was in the previous picture, however that is primarily due to the increase in muscle mass, so I ain’t worried about nothing. Before I leave you, I do like to say that I know that the ‘selfie’ like shot isn’t the best way to show my progression, so I do apologise for that.


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My Celebrity Crush


My Celebrity Crush is Vanessa Hudgens – who also happens to be my favorite Disney Channel character; so for this quick blog, I decided to write about my overtly insane crush that I have on her and how it came about.

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New Balance 574 ‘Backpack’ Blue


To continue my blatant dickriding on the New Balance 574s, I just recently copped the royal blue colorway of the New Balance 574 ‘Backpack’ line. The trainer is described best by Sneakerfile.com, as being lined in white with a solid black rubber outsole and additional white contrasts throughout, the classic silhouette features a bright royal blue ballistic nylon upper with brown suede accents.

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